07 Mar 2014

    by Reina Santiago (UX Lead)

    It doesn’t take Jedi mind tricks to get your devs to follow a style guide. All you need is some resolve and a couple of cool coders. Try these easy to follow steps and take your first step to a more beautiful front end experience.

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    05 Mar 2014

    by Bruce Hawver (CEO)

    SteelSeries is a company that was founded on the principle of making gaming accessories and experiences that take a gamer’s performance to the next level of competitiveness whether against an AI or another human player. To accomplish this the company listens to gamers across the globe and then develops products and experiences that meet unmet needs.

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    28 Feb


    28 Feb 2014

    by Dave Astels

    Hey everyone!

    I’m pleased to welcome you to our shiny new blog about the technology at SteelSeries.

    I’m Dave Astels, Lead Software Engineer and I’ll be the Editor-in-Chief of this blog.

    Our goal is to use this space to tell you about some of the cool things we’re doing, whether that’s projects we’re open sourcing, techniques we’re using, code snippets we find useful, how we develop products, and generally things we’re doing that we want to share.

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