What's New in Engine 3.4

30 Jun 2015

by The SteelSeries Engine Team

We recently released Engine 3.4 with GameSense™. Let’s look at what 3.4 includes.

Download it here

SteelSeries is happy to announce the beta release of GameSense™!

Your games and gear now become one. With GameSense™, your devices’ illumination changes in real time, based off of in-game events. Please see the Introduction to GameSense™ post. Ammo, health, kills,and cooldown timers are just a few things that you can integrate into your gear.

Supported games

  • CS:GO
    • We’ve worked with the team over at Valve in order to bring you the coolest experience available. Incorporate ammo, health, armor, kills per round, kills per match, flashbang blindness, and more into all of your gear.

Health in CS:GO

Match Kills in CS:GO

Money Display in CS:GO

  • Minecraft
    • We developed a Minecraft mod to integrate Minecraft events. See your air, hunger, and health levels. Use the numpad to view a bitmap representation of your current tool selected and its durability level. Even the arrow keys indicate your directional heading.
    • The Minecraft Mod is open source. Want to enhance the mod? Grab it on GitHub and submit a pull request.

Air Level in Minecraft

Supported devices

All of our SteelSeries Engine 3 supported devices that feature RGB Illumination are compatible with GameSense™. Visit https://developer.steelseries.com/gamesense/#devices for the full list.


Provide a deeper integration between hardware and software to create an enhanced gaming experience. There are no libraries to build into your game. Use any language you like. Simply define your own game events and handlers using JSON and post to SteelSeries Engine 3’s RESTful API.

Learn more at https://developer.steelseries.com/gamesense

New firmware available

Apex M800, v1.23 – Fixes some irregular color writes to the zone that controls the logo and sides.

Bug fixes

  • The tray icon now has a tooltip.
  • Fixed a few conditions that would prevent the app from communicating with the background process, causing connection errors.
  • Mouse buttons 3-8 with special playback options should now work as expected.
  • Fixed restored windows being hidden off-screen after connecting and disconnecting extra monitors.