Release notes for GG 53.0.0

12 Dec 2023

by The SteelSeries Software Team


  • Introducing the new Exclusion List feature for Sonar. This allows you to prevent Sonar from selecting unwanted devices, such as monitors or other VADs, as backup targets when the primary device is unavailable. Now, you have control over your backup device preferences
  • Added game EQ presets for Project Playtime
  • Tech improvements to Sonar audio device drivers
  • Minor bugfix


  • Apex Pro Mini & Apex Pro Mini Wireless: Fixes an issue where R and E keys were swapped in Actuation tab.
  • Fixes an issue where Learn More in Engine App tiles did not work


  • In the CLIP EDITOR, hitting the ESC key will now close the CLIP EDITOR
  • Added additional CLIP CAPTURE DURATION settings (3 minutes, 4 minutes) have been added
  • Fixed bugs related to CLIP EVENT ICONS appearing too early on the CLIP TIMELINE
  • Fixed bugs related to CLIPS where the CHAT & MICROPHONE AUDIO is out of sync from events in the video
  • Updated Moments interface to better support Microsoft Narrator screen reader capabilities
  • GSAI refinements, bug fixes and stability enhancements