Release notes for GG 48.0.0

03 Oct 2023

by The SteelSeries Software Team


  • Tired of navigating through Windows settings just to play your audio in the right channel? Introducing our new, user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that allows you to effortlessly move any app to the right channel.
  • We’ve also significantly enhanced performance. Now, Sonar startup is faster, and enabling/disabling the Stream mode only takes a few seconds.
  • In addition, we’ve introduced new presets for ‘Lies of P’ and ‘NBA2K24,’ along with dedicated Alias and Alias Pro presets to help you achieve a pro sound in one click
  • Streamer mode is now officially out of the early access phase.
  • Sonar fully Supports Alias and Alias pro microphones


  • Support Alias/Alias Pro microphone.


  • Overall presentation improvements and stability enhancements
  • Fixed bugs related to Fortnite Auto-clipping for Headshot, Distance Shot, Double Elimination, Multi-Elimination
  • Fixed bugs related to Fortnite Auto-clipping with 16x10 resolutions

3D Aim Trainer

  • Quick Play page just got a major upgrade and it’s more exciting than ever!
  • You can now view all your medal achievements in one single view! Yeah, you read that right! All your hard-earned medals in one place!
  • But wait, there’s more! You’ll know right away which levels you haven’t tried yet! No more endless clicking to find the unexplored!
  • And, the icing on the cake – all the animations have gotten smoother!