Release notes for GG 41.0

27 Jun 2023

by The SteelSeries Software Team


  • Improved volume management (under the hood) ensuring that you get the best possible audio quality while gaming
  • Fixed a bug for Sonar Streamers where no target device status error didn’t show up for personal and stream mix
  • Fixed a bug for Sonar Streamers where changing master volume was unmuting muted sources
  • Introducing Street Fighter 6 preset



  • New Auto-clip event added: Fortnite – Match Complete! Now when you finish any Match the GSAI will clip on the Match Results Screen
  • Fixed issues related to GSAI Overwatch 2 – “Multikill” and “Elimination” Auto-clip events
  • Fixed issues related to the EA Game Launcher where installed games were not detected by GG / Moments
  • Moments Gallery has updated the Clip Tile Cards with:
    • Added a Share button – now it is easier to let others see your best Moments
    • Added a Shared Link Button – quickly access the share link for uploaded clips
    • Adjusted placement of the Star / Tag button

3D Aim Trainer

  • Our first-time user experience is updated. The player will need to select the game to train for first, and will then be playing an onboarding level tailored for the selected game
  • Player can instantly restart a training exercise by pressing a shortcut button (Default button is “T”). The instant restart doesn’t require the level to be loaded again
  • Fixed:
    • Framedrop when standing still in Spotsweeper
    • Being hit in Goalkeeper ads points to your score