Release notes for GG 37.0

03 May 2023

by The SteelSeries Software Team


  • We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve made it even easier and faster for you to use volume and mute shortcuts. They’re now accessible directly from the Mixer – just click and go! If you need a more detailed insight of your shortcuts, you can still access a complete overview from GG/Settings/Sonar.
  • We’re always working hard to improve your experience with our product and we’ve also fixed a bug that was causing the audio device list to be empty during onboarding.


  • Fixed a bug where certain GameSense Apps would write excessive data to the logs
  • Prism:
    • We’ve increased the duration of illumination previews on the canvas for better crafting of your devices’ customization illumination
    • Adjusted the Arena speakers’ size to better represent the devices in your setup
    • Fixed a bug where some Japanese (JIS) layout keyboards would have mismatched Prism lighting
    • Various bug fixes to canvas navigation
  • Arctis Nova Pro Wireless X: Firmware Update
    • Fixed an issue where Xbox mode mic volume dropped after switching to PS4/PS5 then back to Xbox
  • Arctis Nova 7P: Improved automated connectivity between Sonar and device.


  • Moments continues the redesign of the Clip Gallery with additional design and functional updates in the interface. The new Clip Gallery has updates include:
    • Video Clip Day Feed – We’ve added the ability to identify which games were clipped on what day. By engaging with the game name/filter option next to each Day Date you are able to show/hide/filter clips easily.
    • Video Clip Filtering Toolbar – We have added more filtering categories and the ability to select multiple filters to help you better find, manage and share your favorite clips.
    • Video Clip File Selection Toolbar – We’ve added more selection options when users begin selecting individual video clips. Users can now selected/deselect, delete all, filter and sort in all sorts of new ways to better manage your clips.
  • The Clip Share & Export now lets you export even larger videos for the increased Discord upload size of 25mb (up from the previous 8mb). Your Discord pals can now see all your epic wins in longer, bigger clips with the increased file size.
  • Added a Discord button in the Moments header to easily take users to the GG Discord
  • The ability to Share to Gfycat has been disabled due to issues with their service. When their service is updated, we will determine if we can re-implement this feature.
  • Fixed a bug where GSAI “Overwatch 2 – Play of the Game” clips would register extra events on the players video editor timeline.
  • GSAI for Destiny 2 is no longer in Early Access.
  • Updated design elements in the experience to create a consistent look & feel.