Release notes for GG 36.0

18 Apr 2023

by The SteelSeries Software Team


  • We heard you loud and clear, and we’re hyped to introduce shortcuts in Sonar! Now you can quickly tweak your Game, Chat, Media, Aux, and Mic volumes and mute. Just head over to GG settings, go to the Sonar section, and set up your fave keyboard shortcuts.
  • We’ve also made things simpler and cleaner in the Mixer by displaying volume scaling as a percentage rather than in dB.
  • We’ve added some great new presets, including Resident Evil 4 Remake, The Last of Us, and Rust.
  • We wanted to let you know that we’ve taken care of a few bugs that were affecting some users, including:
    • Seeing the “Turning off Sonar” text even though Sonar was actually turning on
    • Seeing a warning on the mic panel when there was actually no error
    • The volume peak meters not adjusting properly based on the volume slider
    • The onboarding popping up again even if you had already completed it


  • Arctis Nova 3: Firmware update
    • Fixes an issue of noise in the audio signal at low volume.
  • Arctis Nova 3: Minor UI fixes for truncated wording in some language
  • Minor bug fix for MacOS
  • Prism:
    • Onboarding experience in Prism is now improved to help you and your new Prism-compatible devices get their glow up faster
    • Added zoom drop down for added zoom flexibility
    • Adds new illumination preset Color Fusion


  • Moments is redesigning the Clip Gallery with the first design and functional overhaul to many elements in the interface. The new Clip Gallery has four major updates:
    • Video Clip Day Feed – Video clip cards are now categorized by DAYS instead of a long page of clips to help users find more recent highlights. Users can also SELECT ALL CLIPS by first picking a single clip and then hitting SELECT ALL from the SELECTION TOOLBAR. Users can also SELECT CLIPS BY DAY by rolling over the desired day/date and clicking the circle to select all.
    • Video Clip Filtering Toolbar – There is now a dedicated FILTERING TOOLBAR at the top of the gallery and it has new options and streamlined functionality.
    • Video Clip Tile Cards – The Auto-clip icons are moved and the size adjusted.
    • Video Game Library Tiles - This feature helps users see all the games with Auto-clipping as well as the already installed games with Auto-clipping.
  • Moments On/Off Shortcut – Users can now turn Moments On/Off with a Shortcut from anywhere as long as Moments is running. To configure go to GG > Settings > Moments > Shortcuts to customize and enable.
  • Moments now supports Overwatch 2 Auto-clipping at 16x10 resolutions.
  • Improved overall performance for Auto-clipping GSAI with Apex Legends.


  • Fixed a visual issue where login error validation messages would display on top of other messages.