Release notes for GG 35.0

27 Mar 2023

by The SteelSeries Software Team


We’ve heard your requests for more presets, and we’ve delivered! Here some awesome new ‘Game’ presets including:

  • Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty,
  • Hogwarts Legacy,
  • Atomic Heart,
  • Hi-Fi RUSH,
  • Hunt: Showdown,
  • Battlefield 2042. Get ready to level up your gaming experience with Sonar!


  • Fixes an issue where Software profile macros would not fire in certain circumstances
  • Arena 7 & 9: Fixes an issue where mixed illumination profiles would not switch correctly
  • Prism:
    • Alphabetized Preset list
    • New shortcuts toolbar addition for easy navigation within Prism
    • Adds three new illumination Presets: Disco Mode, Rainbow and Static Fade
    • Adds the ability to set illumination speed to 0
    • Adds the ability to Zoom to Fit so you can easily display all your Prism enabled devices


  • Moments has created a new Gallery Tutorial for First Time Moments Users. The goal is to help new users understand the benefits of the software, enable Moments easily and capture their first clip!
  • Moments has redesigned portions of the Gallery Experience. The goal is to help users identify which games support Auto-clipping and which already installed games have Auto-clipping.
  • Moments has redesigned the Clip Gallery with a new Capture Control Strip at the top of the interface. The new Control Strip surfaces some of the most important features from Settings and makes it quickly and easily available. There are four main sections:
    • Capture Status – Displays game capture status such as on/off, game name and more. Desktop capture can be enabled here along with additional settings.
    • Auto-clipping GSAI Status – Now gamers can easily identify if the game being played supports Auto-clipping. If the game has Auto-clipping enabled then additional configurations for that specific game will be available.
    • Capture Settings – Configure how Moments captures video clips by adjusting Duration, Quality, Resolution & FPS.
    • Moments Shortcut – Displays the current shortcut with ability to change easily
  • Moments has added a new popup window after a gamer’s First Time Capture Experience to help provide guidance and instruction on how to best use Moments.
  • Improved performance with the GG Games Database
  • Improved Moments game detection for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege
  • Improved overall performance for Auto-clipping GSAI – Destiny 2
  • Improved overall performance for Auto-clipping GSAI – Fortnite