Release notes for GG 33.0

01 Mar 2023

by The SteelSeries Software Team


  • Removed support for Windows 8/8.1 operating systems
  • Removed support for all Windows 32-bit operating systems
  • Fixed an issue that blocked a user from checking for an application update via the GG settings


  • We know you need your space for all the important stuff, so we got you covered. Check it: we integrated peak meters right into the volume sliders, so now you have all the info you need in one spot. No more separate elements taking up horizontal space in your UI.


  • Adds the ability to deploy Prism configurations in the Launch Configurations binding dropdown in Engine
  • Fixes an issue where external FAQ links in Engine gear tab did not work
  • Wireless Aerox mice: Firmware update
    • Fixes an issue with Bluetooth not reconnecting after PC goes to sleep or restarts
  • Apex 9 Mini, Apex 9 TKL & Apex Pro Mini wired: Firmware updates
    • Adds improved keyboard functionality
  • Apex Pro Mini Wireless & Apex Pro TKL Wireless (2023): Firmware update
    • Fixes an issue where the keyboard did not charge while in 2.4GHz mode
    • Fixes an issue with keyboard illumination getting stuck in Smart Illumination mode
    • Adds improved functionality to OLED
  • Arctis Nova Pro Wireless, Arctis Nova Pro Wireless X: Firmware update
    • Fixes an issue where the device card intermittently shows ‘Not Connected’ after shutdown PC and reboot
    • Adds new Power Saving mode, accessible on the base station OLED. Choose whether the base station remains on to continue charging the battery or shuts off when the host PC or console is turned off.
  • Prism:
    • Adds new illumination preset ‘Solar’
    • Adds toolbar functionality for Select and Panning tools
    • Fixes an issue where devices did not display illumination under certain circumstances


  • Improved overall performance for GSAI – Overwatch 2
  • Improved overall performance for GSAI – Fortnite
  • Improved performance with the Moments Gallery “Capturing” dropdown when the active game window being captured failed to display the name in the interface
  • Improved capture performance related to some audio tracks containing extra static
  • Fixed a bug related to Moments deactivating or getting confused about which primary game window to capture from – often seen with games (like Fortnite) which utilize a pre-loading program/screen
  • Fixed issues related to GSAI Call of Duty – Warzone 2.0 “Kill”, “Kingslayer” and “Gulag (Win)” Auto-clip events
  • Fixed a bug related to some games with Chinese language not capturing clips correctly
  • Fixed a bug related to Mac users being able to launch the GG “What’s New” modal
  • Fixed a bug related to mouse cursor position issues within DoTA2 captured clips