Release notes for GG 26.0

18 Oct 2022

by The SteelSeries Software Team


  • Adding game presets for Overwatch 2 and the upcoming Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
  • Fixed a bug where some UI elements were still accessible when Sonar was disabled
  • Fixed a bug where Spatial Audio UI elements were disappearing after a resetting a preset
  • Fixed a bug where resetting a preset was leading to incorrect EQ values


  • Fixes an issue on the Apex Pro Mini WL and Apex Pro TKL WL where some keys were not recognized by illumination


  • Clip Anytime, Anywhere, Anything with the new Desktop Capture Mode! It can be accessed through the Moments Gallery drop down menu or in the Settings > Moments > Game Detection section.
    • Desktop Capture Mode adds a new, third way for gamers to create videos using the Moments software. By using Desktop Capture Mode gamers can easily record the entire desktop – letting you capture everything you can think of. This includes browser-based games, windowed games, side-by-side games, and even games GG might not be able to detect! Now you can finally capture all your greatest gaming moments beyond our already powerful auto-clip and manual clip captures.
    • New features include the ability to activate Desktop Capture Mode with a keyboard shortcut (defaulted to ALT+P), Overlays to let you know when Desktop Capture is on/off, Overlays to let you know when a clip is captured, multiple automatic deactivation settings for Desktop Capture Mode, a new clip type (Moments Desktop clip) classification, and new clip filter/sorting options for Desktop Clip Capture in the Moments Gallery.
    • Start using Desktop Capture Mode by using the shortcut ALT+P and then use your Moments shortcut to clip as usual.
    • Let us know how you’re liking Desktop Capture Mode by connecting with us on the SteelSeries Discord.
    • Upload all your new clips directly to the SteelSeries Discord and tag @SteelSeries #MadeWithMoments on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • These GSAI Auto-clip enabled games have moved out of Early Access - Fortnite, Apex Legends, Brawlhalla, Genshin Impact, Valorant
  • Fixed an issue related to key mapping of keyboard shortcuts being inaccurate for some non-‘qwerty’ keyboards
  • Fixed a bug when Moments Gallery attempts to re-scan clips that sometimes it causes GG to infinitely load and hang up
  • Fixed a bug when Moments Gallery sometimes counts the wrong amount of clips
  • Fixed a bug when deleting a clip from the Moments Gallery during gameplay that can sometimes still cause the post-game clip modal to open even when there are no clips