Release notes for GG 25.0

29 Sep 2022

by The SteelSeries Software Team


  • Sonar now glows up your audio in Hi-Res. Game VAD is now 24-bit/96kHz - Chat and Mic VADs are now 24-bit/48kHz
  • Fixed a bug that under certain conditions could prevent the mic to work correctly when the target device volume was changed
  • Localization updated for Sonar section in the settings panel
  • Windows 11 compatibility update


  • Fixes an issue where the key bind window would render in the wrong location on the Apex Pro Mini
  • Fixes an issue where config window was opening too small for some keyboards
  • Fixes an issue where some key binding text boxes had mismatched or unreadable color
  • Rival 5 and Rival 5 Destiny 2: New Firmware
    • Improves sensor functionality above 4K CPI
  • Prime, Prime Rainbow 6 and Prime Neo Noir: New Firmware
    • Reduces latency of button presses


  • Moments now supports auto-clipping for Rocket League! Rocket League auto-clipping will trigger for GOAL and SHOT ON GOAL game events. Auto-clip will only save clips based on in-game events when playing with supported modes & configurations. Check out the latest Release & Support info for Moments to learn more:
  • Rocket League auto-clipping is in Early Access utilizing GameSense AI and we look forward to hearing from the community on your experiences. We hope this helps you create some awesome Rocket League auto-clipped videos. Let us know how you’re liking it by uploading your clips directly to the SteelSeries Discord and tagging @SteelSeries #MadeWithMoments on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Moments has improved detection for new XBOX/PC Game Pass games – which should make clipping with these games even easier. Newly installed XBOX/PC Game Pass games should be detected for most games. If existing installed XBOX/PC Game Pass games are still not found - we recommend re-downloading and installing again to guarantee that they are identified.
  • GameSense AI (GSAI) improved for Fortnite Chapter 3 / Season 4 update