Release notes for GG 23.0

23 Aug 2022

by The SteelSeries Software Team


  • Adds new Microphone effect: AEC (Accoustic Echo Cancelation) for Arena 7/9 speakers
  • Support of Arctis Nova 3, Arctis Nova 7, Arctis Nova 7P, Arctis Nova 7X, Arena 7/9s which unlock Advanced Surround and Clearcast AI Noise Suppression
  • Fixes an issue where Sonar virtual devices could continue to be activated after Sonar is turned off
  • Minor UI fixes and improvements


  • Adds a Sleep Timer functionality for the Apex Pro Mini Wireless
  • Adds additional lighting ‘Breathe’ lighting effect on the Apex Pro Mini keyboards
  • Arctis Nova 3, Arctis Nova 7, Arctis Nova 7P and Arctis Nova 7X support in Engine
  • Arena 7 and Arena 9 speakers support in Engine


  • We’re thrilled to announce that 3D Aim Trainer is now part of the SteelSeries family of products! We have improved how the Overlays work with 3DAT to make video capture even better. Download 3D Aim Trainer and create epic clips with Moments. Let us know how you’re liking it by uploading your clips directly to the SteelSeries Discord ( and tagging @SteelSeries #MadeWithMoments on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Moments has created a new Welcome experience for new GG users. Users can now go through a quick Product Tour to learn what Moments is, how to use it and what it can do for gamers. We hope this helps more gamers learn that Moments is the easiest and fastest way to capture, relive & share gameplay.
  • Fixes a bug where sometimes captured video clips don’t play
  • Fixes a bug related to visual glitches that are triggered when the Post Game Modal and an active promotion occur at the same time
  • Fixes a bug in the Gallery when videos are captured in portrait mode
  • Fixes an interface issue with the Post Game Modal color palette
  • Fixes a bug in the Video Editor associated with the Cursor timeline being unable to move after deleting a gif effect
  • Fixes a bug in the Video Editor related to issues with the letters J, K or L in text effect