Release notes for GG 21.0

06 Jul 2022

by The SteelSeries Software Team


  • Improved preset/config dropdown list visualization. Now even longer names are fully readable.
  • Added the names of pro-players who worked with us to the presets.


  • Includes in new firmware for Arctis 7+ and Arctis 7P+ to maintain parity with the firmware versions that ship with the device.
  • Fixed an issue where modifier keys would misfire in certain cases.
  • Includes Windows 11 22H2 Compliance.


  • Moments has launched an exciting new feature called Game Overlays! Look for it while your games load, during gameplay and inside of GG in new and exciting ways.
  • Game Overlays will help you capture all your greatest gaming moments by letting you know when Moments is turned on and when you’ve captured a clip (manual & auto). It can even surface up clips you’ve captured after a game session and helps you review, edit and share with ease!
  • New features include clipping reminders when you start a game, visually know when a clip (manual & auto) has been captured, turn on/off the Moments clipping sound and launching Moments after a gaming session to review your captured clips!
  • Check out Settings > Moments to explore the new Game Overlay capabilities added in “Capture and Sound” and the new “Overlays and Notifications” section.
  • Let us know how you’re liking Game Overlays by connecting with us on the SteelSeries Discord (
  • Upload all your new clips directly to the SteelSeries Discord ( and tagging @SteelSeries #MadeWithMoments on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Fixes a bug with Genshin Impact where the detected game name would be wrong.