Release notes for GG 16.0

01 Mar 2022

by The SteelSeries Software Team


  • Introducing a new Virtual Surround widget allowing to tune the reverberation
  • Increased the trigger area of the Q factor handles for the Parametric EQ
  • Increased the size of the “add-a-band” button for the Parametric EQ
  • Fixed a bug that under certain conditions was impeding the deactivation of the VAD when closing GG
  • Fixed a bug where the Q factor for the first band was resetting its value


  • Updated naming / labels for the GameSense AI -Fortnite auto clips
  • Corrected issues related to alphabetical clip sorting order when videos are imported
  • Corrected issues related to exporting video clips with commas in the file name


  • Fixed an issue on Mac with the Rival 5 wherein binding any macro to button 9 disabled button 1
  • Fixed an issue wherein the PrismSync banner would appear in the config window for Bluetooth-connected devices