Release notes for GG 14.0

01 Feb 2022

by The SteelSeries Software Team


  • Introducing a new feature that allows you to change the frequency range labels on the EQs (Gaming, Chat, & Microphone) giving you more awareness of how to tweak your EQ to optimize for your game, your chat, and how you sound!
    • Frequency ranges are labeled on relevant sounds (e.g. footsteps, bombs, heal sounds…) game by game. New labels are also available on Chat and Mic EQ. Sonar Equalizer
  • Added a Destiny 2 special preset created by Destiny 2 developers @Bungie
  • Added an official Destiny 2 Preset tuned by the game’s sound designers
  • Fixed an issue where disabling microphone access in Windows privacy settings was causing a Sonar crash
  • Fixed an issue that was keeping Sonar stuck on loading screen (spinning wheel) for some users
  • Sonar drivers are now Microsoft WHQL certified (Windows Hardware Quality Labs)


  • Fixed multiple issues which occurred when users customized the configuration of their ‘Shortcuts’. The primary issue addressed was the ‘Shortcuts’ configuration disappearing from Settings.
  • Corrected timeline functionality on the ‘Double Kill’ markers
  • Adjusted Settings/Auto Clip page presentation issues
  • Corrected ‘Capture’ drop down functionality that led to inconsistent behaviors