Release notes for GG 5.0

19 Jul 2021

by The SteelSeries Software Team


  • Added 50MB and 100MB clip size options for Discord share and Export. Discord Nitro subscribers can get much better-looking clips with these larger sizes.
  • Added a “Show all clips” button after the first 50 clips in the Moments gallery. This gives a massive performance boost for users with 100+ clips.
  • Fixed a bug that would show newly-saved clips as 0:00 duration.
  • New Moments autoclips will be named to show what triggered it. For example, the 3K+ autoclip for CS:GO will be saved with the name to “Autoclip: 3+ kill round”.
  • Roblox installed from the Microsoft Store is now detected and captured properly.
  • Screen-captured games that are moved to another monitor will have the capture restart on the new monitor.
  • Timeline in the Moments editor can be made shorter or taller by resizing with the handle.

Engine Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug preventing connected devices from displaying when logging in and out of multiple SteelSeries accounts
  • Fixed an issue on the Arctis 9 wherein selecting the “Never” option in the Auto Shut-Off widget would cause the headset to immediately turn off
  • Partially fixed an issue where certain devices with out of date firmware would not prompt to update to the latest firmware
  • Fixed an issue where the Deactivate Keybinding option did not work on certain MSI keyboards, and removed certain binding types that do not apply to those keyboards

Engine features

  • On the Arctis 9, you can now customize the behavior of game audio on PC when you receive a BT call
  • On Prime Wireless, you can re-pair your dongle and mouse if they come unpaired, or if you purchase a new dongle
  • Added recovery mode support for Prime Wireless
  • Added an accurate render for the Apex 3 Israeli layout (available in Region selector dropdown)

New Firmware

  • Arctis 9 - EQ settings now transfer to PlayStation