Release notes for GG 4.0

21 Jun 2021

by The SteelSeries Software Team

Here’s what we changed:

  • Fixed one major case where GG wouldn’t load for some users. This bug was caused by certain non-standard folder permissions on user PCs. If you were seeing this bug, please try again with 4.0 or higher.
  • The “SteelSeries Capture Service Launcher” process should no longer run if Moments capture is disabled. With this change, there is no Moments related processing that occurs at all when Moments is ‘off’.
  • Shared or Exported clips will keep their native resolution when sharing or exporting, instead of getting upscaled to your capture resolution.
  • Newly exported clips will get a small quality increase.
  • The fix for CS:GO and other screen-captured games choosing the wrong monitor from Beta is now available for everyone
  • Fixed a bug when clicking the a GIF in the Effects menu would add a GIF multiple times
  • Fixed the light bar not working on MSI GE66 and GE76
  • Fixed extra files not being deleted when uninstalling GG