Release notes for GG 3.0

18 May 2021

by The SteelSeries Software Team

Here’s what we changed:

  • Moments overlay is now smaller. Additionally, the graphic should scale with the clip resolution, so no more giant overlay on smaller resolution clips.
  • Disabling Moments capture is now clearly shown with an icon in GG’s main navigation. As always, if Moments capture is disabled, no games will be captured and game performance will be completely unaffected.
  • Effects: make perfect GIF loops! Dragging the start and end points of a GIF in the timeline will ‘snap’ to the next loop of the GIF. Really handy – we love this change.
  • Effects: clicking the ‘Moments clip’ label in the timeline area will scrub to the beginning of the clip
  • Effects: any empty text effects will be removed from a clip, instead of displaying nothing
  • Effects: hovering over an added effect will highlight the corresponding timeline layer, and vice versa
  • Effects: fixed the editor shortcuts still being active while typing text inside text effects (apologies to the letters J and K)
  • Capturing more Vulkan-based games should be fully supported
  • PCs with multiple video cards, especially laptops, should now get the more powerful video card chosen for capture encoding
  • Fixed an issue where screen-captured clip footage would be all black
  • Fixed a case where a horizontal scrollbar would appear in the gallery at certain sizes
  • Engine: fixed an issue wherein selecting the “Default” binding on the CPI button on the Rival 3, after the CPI button’s binding had already been changed, would incorrectly select Mouse Button 6 as the Default.

If you’re opted into Beta

  • Experimental fix for CS:GO and other screen-captured games choosing the wrong monitor in multi-monitor setups.