GG release notes for GG 0.20

16 Apr 2021

by The SteelSeries Software Team

Here’s what we changed:

  • New clip effect: GIFs! Search Giphy to add your favorite reaction GIFs to your clips from inside the Effects menu. Hype.
  • Duplicate effects. Really helpful for making text captions.
  • Text effects: text editing is now center-aligned by default.
  • OLED notifications for Moments have been turned off by default. These notifications cause some users with OLED devices to see a CPU usage spike during game launch. We’re looking into it, since we want these back on ASAP. You can still turn them on in Settings -> Notifications.
  • Fixed a bug where turning off all Moments OLED notifications would still disable animated GIFs on device OLEDs while gaming, and the lighting would blink & reset on game launch.
  • Fixed Minecraft Java Edition not getting detected correctly

GG up to date with Engine 3.20.0

  • Fixed an issue causing high CPU usage on Macs when certain devices were connected
  • Fixed an issue causing user-configured GameSense settings for wireless devices to behave differently when connected in wired versus wireless modes
  • Fixed an issue causing the Engine installer to fail when Mandatory ASLR was enabled in the Windows Security settings
  • Improvement to Aerox 3 Wired firmware update process