Release notes for GG 0.19.1

06 Apr 2021

by The SteelSeries Software Team

Here’s what we changed:

  • New capture type: Auto. Certain games have trouble allowing ‘game’ capture. With the new Auto type, game capture will be attempted first for best performance, and will default to screen capture if the game rejects game capture. FYI: this will soon become the new default type.
  • Text effects: you can now drag the entire text effect along the timeline – an upgrade from just controlling the start & end points.
  • Text effects: clicking an effect’s timeline label will scrub the Editor to where the effect starts, as well as select it. Feels real good.
  • Text effects: effect layers are added on top of the list instead of the bottom.
  • Moments overlay: fixed the positioning when the clip’s resolution was really small
  • Moments overlay: added some clarifying info about the overlay in the Share dialog
  • Settings navigation scrollbars make more sense now
  • Fixed the incorrect taskbar icon while Moments is capturing
  • Fixed a crash when trying to set a new storage location inside Settings -> Clips
  • ‘Auto’ is now the default capture type. Since the last update, it’s now clear that Auto allows for successful clips in a lot of cases where Game capture would fail. You can still change the capture type for any game in Settings -> Game Detection.