Release notes for GG 0.15

25 Jan 2021

by The SteelSeries Software Team

Here’s what we changed:

  • Have Moments clips where you can’t hear friends from Discord/voice chat? This update should help – fixed a bug where the ‘Chat’ device wouldn’t get recorded properly
  • Add and edit your SteelSeries account username in GG, check it out in the settings under ‘My Account’
  • New ‘Giveaways’ service space. We have seen a tremendous amount of activity with our GG gamers interested in picking up the latest giveaway codes for their favorite games. So we’ve created a space just for this!
  • Temporary copy of shared clips are now removed from your hard drive after they’ve been shared, to free up drive space
  • Reduced some of the clip size estimates, based on feedback from the the previous release, see it under ‘Clips’ in settings

GG up to date with Engine 3.19.0

Details here