What's New in Engine 3.15.4

23 Aug 2019

by The SteelSeries Engine Team

A new version of SteelSeries Engine has just been released. Download it here!

New Engine App: Spotify for OLED Displays

Yep, it’s true: Spotify can now show what track is playing on your SteelSeries OLEDs.

Go to the Apps and turn on Spotify, click the button to link your account to Engine, and your track info should appear on your device’s OLED!

Improved OLED image editor

  • ‘Clear’ can now be undone with the Undo
  • You can reset the screen to its factory default
  • Smoother GIF import process
  • Show a pixel grid for easier drawing
  • Fixed pixels being skipped while dragging

New Firmware

Apex Pro, Apex Pro TKL, Apex 7, and Apex 7 TKL

  • Factory reset is now avaialble in the OLED menu
  • Selecting “None” as a reactive lighting effect on the OLED menu should no longer disable lighting
  • Fixed a crash when overloaded with too many different lighting effects
  • Setting AFK mode effects via the OLED menu are now previewed on the keyboard

Bug Fixes

Apex Pro, Apex Pro TKL, Apex 7, and Apex 7 TKL

  • Engine should now prevent the last profile on the keyboard from being unsafely deleted
  • Keys for non-US regions should now be fully functional after the first out-of-the-box firmware update
  • “Select same” tool should now work as intented while editing the AFK Effect
  • Fixed a case where macros weren’t triggering after swapping between profiles
  • Non-US region keyboards should now have the proper keys lit up for any Engine App controlling the lighting


  • Animated GIFs should now play properly while Engine apps that do not use the device’s screen are running
  • Colorshift effects should now play properly while Engine apps that do not use the device’s lighting are running
  • Prism Sync will now continue playing if Engine apps are running do not use any device’s lighting
  • Audio Visualizer’s options window will now open in the foreground, instead of hiding behind all your windows
  • Fixed weird timing on effect lighting for some mice, including Rival 310, Rival 600, & Rival 650 Wireless (thanks /u/PundaBoi)
  • Upgrading to Windows 10 19H1 update should no longer affect the lighting on MSI laptops
  • Fixed a crash when opening the device config page for the MLG Sensei
  • Fixed lighting timing and group settings for the cloth QcKs
  • “Dual color” effects in any GameSense app are now editable by users
  • Fixed a memory leak that some Mac users were seeing (Still seeing one? Let us know!)

GameSense API changes

  • Added a new “partial-bitmap” lighting type for controlling full-keyboard lighting in a way that is compatible with sending events to specific zones
  • The minimum and maximum values for events can now be updated after initial event creation
  • Games that are removed using the remove_game API will disappear from the UI immediately
  • A new API has been added for sending multiple game events in a single request