What's New in Engine 3.15.2

12 Jul 2019

by The SteelSeries Engine Team

A new version of SteelSeries Engine has just been released. Download it here!

New Features for Apex Pro, Apex Pro TKL, Apex 7, and Apex 7 TKL

Automatic onboard profile syncing

Onboard profiles are now fully editable and synced up with Engine, instead of having to import and export them manually.

You can still drag to move an Engine configuration to an onboard profile slot if you want to take it with you!

Fully customizable lighting

Lighting can now be fully edited and customized.

  • ColorShift w/ wave options, Gradient, Breathe, and single color are all available as options
  • Set up to 15 Base or Reactive effects at the same time
  • You can now configure the color and speed of your Reactive Effect

AFK Effect lighting

  • Set any of the effects from Base Effect to start when you’re AFK
  • Configure your AFK timer to your liking

More keyboard improvements

  • Improved the design of the actuation widget to make setting different levels more clear
  • Added support for Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai, Turkish, and Taiwanese layouts
  • Custom OLED images, including animated GIFS, will now show on the device image inside Engine
  • You can now restore any customizable OLED screen to it’s factory default
  • Tidal events on the OLED now fit 3 lines of text, and more characters

New Features

New Firmware

Apex Pro, Apex Pro TKL, Apex 7, and Apex 7 TKL

  • Added full support for AFK Effect
  • Fixed some sleep/wakeup issues that were keeping the keyboard stuck in sleep
  • Lock key icons can now be shown on the OLED when GIFs or GameSense data is on screen (if lock icons enabled in OLED menu)
  • Improved performance when sending GameSense LED colors
  • Recording and deleting macros with the OLED menu will now highlight the bound keys
  • Added a slight delay before entering macro recording mode to prevent accidental recording
  • Fixed keys being bound to mouse buttons not working
  • Fixed issue where software only profiles would be saved on-board if changes were made from OLED menu


  • The overall volume has been increased slightly (don’t worry, we compensate for it when you update)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed some MSI laptops having their track pad disabled when unplugging/replugging USB mice