What's New in Engine 3.12.4

07 Jun 2018

by The SteelSeries Engine Team

The Engine team has just released version 3.12.4. Download it here!

New firmware:

Arctis Pro + GameDAC

  • Faster config deploys! Making changes in a config will happen much faster now

Stratus XL for Windows & Android

  • Updating should fix connection issues that were introduced in Windows 10 RS4

Some fixes and additions:

  • There’s now a device recovery process for some of the Arctis Pro Wireless units that failed during firmware update (still having issues? please let us know)
  • Settings changed on the GameDAC should sync better with Engine’s UI (and if there is a sync conflict, Engine should help users merge their changes)
  • Configuration switching on the GameDAC when switching between applications will now be accurately reflected in Engine
  • Upgrading Headphone:X v2 version, in order to fix issues with certain types of processors (if you were having these issues please uninstall Engine, install Engine 3.12.4, and re-start for good measure)
  • Status bar icon on Mac OS now has a higher resolution (thanks u/Kosta021!)
  • 3-zone keyboards on MSI laptops now support the AudioVisualizer Engine App