What's New in Engine 3.12.3

23 Apr 2018

by The SteelSeries Engine Team

We recently released SteelSeries Engine 3.12.3 with support for the Arctis Pro Wireless.

If you are already running the most recent SteelSeries Engine 3, you will be notified to download or update, based on your update settings. Otherwise, Download it here.

New Devices Supported!

The Arctis Pro Wireless is now fully supported in SteelSeries Engine for both Windows and Mac.

Note: A firmware update is required to get full functionality for the Arctis Pro Wireless.

Arctis Pro Wireless

Control your Arctis Pro Wireless from SteelSeries Engine and create custom configurations to easily manage your audio, OLED screen, Bluetooth options and other device settings.

Audio Settings Audio Customization on the Arctis Pro Wireless

Audio customization options include the ability to enable/disable DTS Headphone:X v2, adjust the 5-band equalizer with easy to use presets, disable the Volume Limiter, and fine tune your level of sidetone on your microphone.

Device Settings Additional Customization Options for the Arctis Pro Wireless

Additional customization options include the ability to control your OLED screen brightness, dictate idle time out delay, set your screen saver options, and adjust your bluetooth settings.

Engine Apps

Engine Apps support includes the customization of what events and effects apply to your OLED screen.

Discord integration and GameSense is supported for games such as CS:GO and Dota 2.

Discord GameSense OLED Screen Setup for Discord Integration on Arctis Pro Wireless

CS:GO GameSense OLED Screen Setup for CS:GO on Arctis Pro Wireless

New Features

  • Added the Epic Games Launcher to library scanning.
  • Added featured game configs for Fortnite.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash in Engine due to malformed Steam game config files.
  • Fixed high CPU usage after unplugging the Arctis Pro + GameDac on macOS.
  • Fixed the Arctis 7 sometimes not re-pairing after a firmware update.
  • Fixed the Kinzu v3 not being detected in bootloader mode.
  • Fixed some MSI laptops having missing lighting templates.
  • Fixed a typo in the Traditional Chinese translation.