What's New in Engine 3.11.4

18 Sep 2017

by The SteelSeries Engine Team

We recently released SteelSeries Engine 3.11.4 with important bug fixes.

If you are already running the most recent SteelSeries Engine 3, you will be notified to download or update, based on your update settings. Otherwise, Download it here.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Siberia 840 would not display GameSense or other Engine Apps events on the OLED screen
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect keys would change LED color on MSI laptops with Japanese layout
  • Fixed an issue where a few Apex M750 effects incorrectly disabled the speed option
  • Fixed an issue affecting some users where a connected device could show as disconnected
  • Fixed a crash in ImageSync Engine App when no devices were connected to computer
  • Fixed an issue where cooldown timers were not removed from configurations after the keys were reassigned