What's New in Engine 3.8.2

01 Jul 2016

by The SteelSeries Engine Team

We recently released SteelSeries Engine 3.8.2 with important bug fixes.

If you are already running SteelSereis Engine 3.8.1, you will be notified to download or update, based on your update settings. Otherwise, Download it here.

New Firmware

  • Rival 300 - Fixed tracking issue some users were experiencing when turning on colorshift and moving at high speeds with low CPI.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent devices from starting update properly. Namely, Rival 300.
  • Fixed a random crash on MacOS starting up with a lot of devices connected.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause crashing during initialization if app switching a lot.
  • Choosing the effect for Rival 700’s ‘vibrate on click’ will now preview that effect again.
  • Config and Macro names default to the next, lowest, incremental value.
  • Friendlier headshot icon.
  • App switching now works on Windows for apps launched as administrator.