Gamesense contests

16 Mar 2016

by Dave Astels

GameSense™ has been maturing over the past year into a very versatile framework for visualizing application state using SteelSeries hardware. We want to get the word out that even though it has game in its name, it’s not just for games. We also want to show how versatile it is, both in terms of using it from an app as well as for controlling hardware.

To that end we are pleased to announce that we will be running two GameSense™ contests.

Both contests will begin in early April, but GDC is a great time to annouce them. If you happen to be at GDC, look for us in black the SteelSeries/”Ask me about GameSense” tshirts.

Contest 1: Applications that use GameSense™

Write an application that uses GameSense™.


  • Has to be original work
  • Has to be a public Github or Bitbucket project
  • Can be written in any programming language, preferably using opensource tools
  • Can use any opensource or redistributable libraries.
  • Must use any OSI-approved license

Contest 2: Hardware that GameSense™ uses

Design and build hardware that can be used by GameSense™ as an output device. Along with code in the hax0rBindings directory to interface with it.


  • Must include a demonstration of use with CS:GO, Dota2, or a custom app that is provided as part of the entry
  • Design and documents must be a public Github or Bitbucket project
  • Can be based on any commonly available hardware platform: E.g. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Teensy, Trinket.
  • Must include a parts list, construction instructions, all schematics, and software required.
  • Must use any OSI-approved license, worded to cover the hardware design, schematics, etc.


We will have a web portal on which to sign up and submit your entry.


We will be assembling a separate panel for each contest, with people from SteelSeries and the industry in general.


We are putting together prize packages appropriate to each context. Details to be finalized, but they will include items such as:

  • Adafruit gift certificates
  • Steam gift certificates
  • SteelSeries gift certificates
  • SteelSeries gear


So start thinking up ideas. To give everyone a jump-start we’ll be posting some articles going over how to use GameSense™, and how to hook custom hardware to GameSense™.

I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone can dream up.