What's New in Engine 3.6.3

06 Jan 2016

by The SteelSeries Engine Team

Important bug fixes for SteelSeries Engine 3.6.3

Download it here

New firmware

  • New Rival 300 firmware that fixes an issue that was causing firmware updates to fail when updating the mouse through a USB 3.0 hub
  • New Stratus XL for Windows & Android firmware. The controller will no longer try to reconnect to a device that it has been unpaired from, allowing it to enter pairing mode automatically

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with device detection and settings on the Sensei Wireless introduced in the 3.6.0 update
  • Fixed an issue on Mac where the first recorded event of a Keypress Macro could be skipped
  • Fixed an issue where some settings would not be correctly displayed in drop-down menus in certain languages
  • Fixed an issue in the Sensei‚Äôs configuration window where percentages entered manually into the ExactLift text box instead of using the slider were not detected and saved properly