What's New in Engine 3.3.3

02 Feb 2015

by The SteelSeries Engine Team

We recently released Engine 3.3.3, with new features and new devices. Let’s look at what 3.3.3 includes.

New Devices

SteelSeries Engine 3 now has support for the MSI GE62, GE72 and GT80 notebook models.

  • Full control over keyboard bindings.
  • Customize the color, effects, and levels of illumination on your notebook.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed rare driver bug that would cause BSOD in certain configurations.
  • Fixed menu and keyboard shortcuts in client on Mac.
  • In OS X, macro playback assigned to a standard key on the Apex will now only play back the macro and will correctly not include the original key.
  • Macros assigned to keys such as Option/Ctrl/Cmd in OS X now work as expected.
  • The Hong Kong S.A.R. region will now default to displaying Traditional Chinese on Windows
  • Improved legibility for Chinese, Korean and Japanese texts.
  • Maximized device configuration windows will now restore as maximized.