How Career Broccoli improved my vision

01 May 2014

by Reina Santiago (UX Lead)

I think we’d all agree that Career Broccoli sucks. What is Career Broccoli you might ask? It’s learning something you have no interest in for the sake of boosting your career. In my case, I knew that I had to teach myself how to do CSS. Being an artist, I wasn’t a big fan of trying to learn how to code. Numbers and math? Gross!

On top of everything else, in my mind, I was already doing the role of multiple people at any given time: Print/Web/Mobile/Software designer, Brand police, User experience expert, manager, presenter and negotiator… why add front end developer to that list?

Amidst the inner turmoil, I dove in. With the help of people on my team, I started doing some online tutorials and real life application. There were some frustrating moments but all of the sudden…it happened. My eyes were opened to a whole new world!

And here’s the weird thing, I actually started to like it! I was excited to realize that there were better ways to set up my designs to take better advantage of CSS elements and styles. I suddenly understood how you can perfect a certain element on one page and accidentally lose track of that styling on the next. I saw better ways to write my tech spec documents and style guides.

This one little piece of Career Broccoli improved just about everything I do. So next time that you’re presented with a bit of that “career nutrition” take a bite or two. It might dramatically improve your vision!

*Special credit to my fiancé for coining the phrase ^_^