What's New in Engine 3.2.1

14 Apr 2014

by The SteelSeries Engine Team

Engine 3.2.1 is primarily a maintenance release. Here’s what’s new:

Bug Fixes

  • New Firmware available for Siberia Elite and 9H headsets (version The new firmware release
    • Enhances microphone frequency response below 300 Hz and above 4.5 kHz and contains other mic performance upgrades,
    • Enhances Auto Mic Compression functionality, and
    • Fixes an issue where the soundcard may not wake from sleep, requiring an unplug/replug
  • New Firmware available for Rival Gaming Mice (version This new firmware release
    • Fixes an issue where the CPI could “jump” when changing surfaces or lift off/on of a surface
    • Improves tracking performance
  • Fixed an issue that caused SteelSeries Engine 3 Client to stall on start up and show “Loading” indicator continuously
  • Fixed an issue where switching from ColorShift to a steady color was not working
  • Fixed an issue where the first change after hitting ‘Revert’ button in a Device Configuration window would not register as a change

New Features

  • Added FW Update Support and FW version check for the Siberia v2 Illuminated line
  • Added FW Update Support and FW version check for the Diablo III Headset